Sunday, April 12, 2009

What can I put on funeral flower card?

My dad died last week and it%26#039;s his funeral on Tuesday and I have no idea what to put on the card for the flowers.

What can I put on funeral flower card?
first of all.sorry for your loss.i know how you feel and what you%26#039;re going through.just put what he meant to you and what an influence he made on you.
Reply:sorry to hear of your loss, say what u really feel inside, remember he will always be in your heart and never be forgotten, how much u will miss him, its a hard time to express how you feel when you go through such a bad time, still going through it myself so i feel for you
Reply:Always be missed.

Forever Loved.

Always In My Heart.

So Sorry for your loss.

God Bless
Reply:So sorry to hear about your Dad.

Just put something simple, thats from the heart. It doesnt have to be very long, just a sentence or two.

RIP Dad, I%26#039;ll Never Forget You. Love You Always.
Reply:well you could always put something you would have liked to say to him before he died, or how you feel bout him

just say whats inside of you

Reply:I was going to post something silly but changed my mind as you may be genuine.

I wrote on my Dads card %26quot;Your presence in Heaven will make it a richer and better place%26quot;

Sorry for your loss. You only ever have one Mum and Dad.
Reply:Each night we shed a silent tear,

As we speak to you in prayer.

To let you know we love you,

And just how much we care.

Take our million teardrops,

Wrap them up in love,

Then ask the wind to carry them,

To you in heaven above.

That%26#039;s what i put on a card for my uncle, with a picture of him above it.. i did it on my pc and then laminated it.. there are lots of things you can do or write.. plenty to look at on the net. have you thought about making a slideshow with pictures of him from various points in his life with his favourite song playing in the background? wonderful way to commemerate a loved one. i%26#039;m really sorry for your loss.
Reply:write something that comes from your heart to your dad or maybe you could write :

i will always love you and will never forget you

miss you lots

sorry for your loss
Reply:Condolences to you on the loss of your father.

Like others have said, let the words come from your heart and then end it with RIP.

Good Luck

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