Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why do people give flowers at funerals?

i would like to know if there is some myth, supersition, legend or anything like that to this.

Why do people give flowers at funerals?
There is an old fable you can call it that goes back literally hundreds of years, %26quot;Where there is death new life begins%26quot; and when people would die there relitives would plant a tree or bush over where the body was laid to rest and the roots of that plant would feed of the decaying body kind of like fertilizer so the plant would always flourish, so %26quot;Where there is death a new life begins%26quot; is represented by the giving of flowers.
Reply:Flowers are eternal wayu to express LOVE
Reply:it is supposed to be nice .but the idea itself means happiness for him dying
Reply:It is a tradition, formed from days before embalming bodies was common. They would place the deceased on the dining room table and wait for the relatives to show up. A wake was three days. This was the time they waited to make sure the deceased was dead. Sometimes they actually DID wake.

There were no EEG scans or heart monitors back then. Well, anyway, sometimes the body would start to smell a little (or a lot). Thus the reason for the strong scented flowers piled around the body. It became a custom to send flowers, and we still do it to this day.
Reply:burial sites from over 100,000 years ago have flowers on them. seems like a VERY long tradition.

I believe it is the ashes to ashes thing - flowers bloom from the body being buried and returning to soil...
Reply:It seems that our life is like and similar to flower, flowers are beautiful, but they have really short life time, this can be a symbol that every good thing in this world, will pass soon. this may be consolation for remainings.

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